2019 Lighthouse Camps Coding x English 夏令營

✨Lighthouse Camp的特色:
1. 全英文教學
2. 迷你小班制,每班最多6名
3. 編碼課程與新加坡知名程式公司合作編製
4. 每個營隊最後一天,小朋友會以英文做學習簡報
5. 編碼的課程加入STEAM項目,啟發孩子潛能

6. 獨家Language Arts課程,奠定孩子英文閱讀及寫作能力


Lighthouse Camp features:
1. Full English classes, coding are taught in English.
2. Mini class size, maximum six 6 students per class.
3. Coding classes are designed in partner with a renowned Singaporean company.
4. On the last day of every camp, the children will use English to do a presentation.
5. Coding classes are incorporated with STEAM, to inspire children’s capabilities.
6. Exclusive language arts program to equip your child with English reading and writing skills.

台北市信義路4段415號6樓之7號 / 台北市信義路4段415號6樓之7號

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